About us

From the moment you walk in the door, you sense a difference at Image By Design.

As the bell tinkles, a friendly face looks up and smiles a greeting. If it is your second visit you are likely to be welcomed with a warm hug.

The ambience is lovely and all the clothes are grouped according to colour and style. This looks fun!


Owner Vivienne Cable wants it to be just that and she delivers.


Her friendly trained staff are attentive and encourage you to try clothes on, have some fun and step outside your comfort zone.

But don't take our word for it!

“I would never have tried that outfit on in a million years and I love it!”

“Viv has taken the guesswork out of getting dressed. My clothes are age appropriate and I am feeling more feminine.”

“Image By Design work with the whole person – not just the clothes. They have done my make up and made suggestions for my hair. They are amazing!”  More ...

This lovely little boutique 

Viv and her team have selected a wide variety of affordable designers.  They understand their clientele and buy accordingly. Clothes are organized by colour so that it all works together.

Staff will show you how to mix and match so your clothes work harder for you. They will show you how to put things together so you will look and feel better.

Styling for real women

The team at Image by Design will work with any size and any shape.

As one client said “it is styling in a way that works for real women.”

Over the years thousands of women have sought out Image By Design.

Their honest gentle feedback and their ability to act as a mirror not a judgement has struck a chord with professional women and busy Mums.

I learnt so much in such a few short hours. I had a fabulous time at your shop the other Saturday – I don’t think I have tried on so many sets of clothing in such a constructively critical atmosphere ever! 

Yet this barely scratches the surface

It is the ultimate shopping experience:

  • less time consuming,
  • less expensive and
  • more fun.

WHY? Because it’s all about YOU!

Experience the difference

Attend a fashion workshop with a friend.

Drop by the shop - 9 Spring Street in Chatswood

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