Shopping by colour

Discover the colours that enhance your natural beauty

  • Do you look best in warm colours or cool colours?
  • Do you look best in strong colours, soft colours or subtle colours?
  • Do you know which colours flatter your complexion - and your figure?
The colour of your hair, make up and clothing can make you look older - or younger. Let us show you which colour palette suits you best.

Look at the difference colour can make!

Carol is drained of colour when wearing fuscia.  

Carol glows when wearing orange-red. 


Red/blue based colours look best on those who wear cool colours - the summer and winter skin tone palettes.


Orange-red is perfect for her natural golden colouring and spring skin tone. That is a yellow based skin tone.


Beautiful colour.
Beautiful woman.
But look at her in Tangerine.
She looks more vibrant.


She glows in this top.
The colour lights her up.
 She's a warm colour -
spring in fact.


Thank you so much for my colour consultation


Choosing a wardrobe has now become an enjoyable and fun experience. I can go into a shop and not be bamboozled by choice or find myself buying the safe,conservative item (usually black).

I have renewed confidence and enjoy colour, style and most excitingly texture. It is amazing what a difference it has made to my outlook and self-image.

You'll be pleased to hear that I have had many compliments. Thank you again. Alex Madden, Coogee


Discover long lasting Lipsense - in warm and cool colours

Just like the clothing in our store, we've separated the LIPSENSE range into warm and cool colours to make it eaiser for you to find the colours which suit your personal colouring best.

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