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I am a convert to shopping "by design"


Thank you!  I have gone through my wardrobe today and been ruthless - 

  • no more keeping that outfit because of how much it cost
  • no more waiting for that pair of trousers/skirt/dress to fit again and
  • no more wrong colours (much less blue and white)

I have culled about a quarter and realise I had far too many clothes so I didn't wear things because I didn't see them or what would match. With the items I bought from your range plus a couple of basic tops in autumn colours, a new pair of jeans and leggings and I will be set.

I can now see my clothes. I've organised them by type and colour now as well as by season so I have outfits - not just separate pieces.  I am enthused!!

So thank you - I am a convert to shopping "by design'. Enthusiastically yours, Julie Mitchell



I so enjoyed my colour analysis 


I had a great time yesterday and so enjoyed the colour analysis.   What a beautiful selection.   Vivienne, you are whizz bang with matters creative.  The 'LipSense' is already in service, a real gem.

Your suggestions for clothes for me over the past couple of years have been spot-on.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and also for that special sparkle of joy that you bring to it all - much appreciated by me.

Denise B

We dressed Margaret for her Community Award

  Last Wednesday 30th March was exciting for me - as recipient of a Community Award for Vocational Excellence: Services to the Community through Yoga.

I was elegantly and attractively (and youthfully - I am 73 y.o.) dressed by Viv, Carol and the team, including jewellery and make-up, and with hair by Dom.

Thank you for dressing me so I could stand on one leg in the Tree Balance Pose (high heels, skirt and all!) - and look so elegant and beautiful.  

With love, Margaret  


Spending time with you lifted my spirits and created a whole new perspective for my body image


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My new black pencil skirt has somehow transformed how I see my figure now.  I feel very “la dolce vita” and my curves feel like something to celebrate rather than hide. I’ve been wearing sackier and sackier clothes as I’ve put on weight and feeling sad about more limited choices.

Just a short time with you and I’m feeling more expansive and uplifted about putting the new look together. Seeing looks I wouldn’t have considered before last Tuesday.
Thank you! I spent the day walking on a cloud.  Feeling light and positive.  First time for years shopping felt like fun – and not toooo sinful due to your generosity. Anne Maree


 Your wardrobe advice is tremendous.


You had been gone about one hour and I put my rejects in the boot of the car, with the exception of a couple of pants which will go to a friend whose daughter lives & works in Africa to distribute to the local women.

Since I have stopped working I have been struggling and stuck for the longest time as to what to wear day to day. When I go shopping the women look so 'tired' in those jeans, short T-shirts and runners. This morning I have my cargo pants & mustard yellow top on in place of my tracky-dack tired of them. Even feel my friends can come and pick me up for coffee without me having to change & try & decide how to look 'coolly casual'.

As well, funny to say, but I now have permission so that I can wear what I put on in the morning and not save it/change when I come home which is a hang over from working. Much better use for my clothes.

You are putting fun in my wardrobe again. So thank you again. Patsy, September 2010


Getting dressed is no longer a trial


Getting dressed for any occasion is no longer an hour of trial and error resulting in a pile of discarded clothes on the floor and nothing on me...... it is a quick choice of great outfits that all look great on me and leave me feeling fantastic !! And the positive comments I get from my friends and business collegues is a bonus !

Thanks Vivienne !! Jackie Curran, The Laughter Lawyer


Vivienne is truly an angel


"She helped me throughout my cancer treatments - loss of hair, change of hair colour, change of body shape, weight gain and issues associated with mastectomy. No matter what was happening she kept me looking good and laughing. I recommend Vivienne to anyone experiencing life's challenges. Thank you all!" Barbara


Thank you for the calmest shopping experience


I just can't thank you enough for your help, guidance, inspiring counsel and sage like advice! You were a beautiful serene angel in front of many doors of so many shapes, sizes and magical materials and colours.

I also want to thank you for the calmest shopping experience I think I have ever participated in. AND to see SUCH an array of unique and special pieces - that in their own right are truly gorgeous and exceptional, BUT suit me and dress me so well.

Again, thank you thank you thank you. Shell


Thank you for helping me look my best


Thank you all so much for your very special attention in helping me to "look my best" for my 60th birthday. Vivienne the clothes you chose for me were so "different" from what I would normally wear and everyone was amazed at how good I looked and I felt terrific.

Di did my make up and my hairdresser did as you asked and gave me "low lights". Wow! Merci beaucoup!  Lorraine


Dressing for success


"Thank you for all your help and assistance in obtaining my new position. Having a great new corporate image gave me confidence. The next morning I was offered the position.

With your help I have turned four items into ten outfits and saved countless frustrating hours shopping. I've really learned how to dress for success. Once again, thank you for your help and guidance."


Image Solutions for Men


The morning I spent doing the one-on-one "Image Solutions for Men" package was a revelation.

Think "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", without the queer. Blokes like me (forty, fit, unfashionable) need a firm push to update our wardrobes, take a few risks, and be more attentive to our appearance. Vivenne was just the person for the job.

As well as helping me select a new wardrobe of professional and casual clothing, she was a font of practical wisdom on male grooming and style. Vivienne's approach was a tactful mix of cajolery and encouragement - just what the image doctor ordered.

Highly recommended, great value, five stars. Andrew, Executive


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