Colour can make you look younger


Thanks for your excellent advice


My session with you changed my whole outlook. I learnt so much about colours and what suited me and what did not. And I was able to look afresh at my wardrobe to see what worked. I have more confidence and more fun dressing for each day. Thanks for your excellent advice and insight!  CR, Sydney



Thank you for doing my colours


I had a terrific day and have enjoyed having a bit more knowledge about what to do when I get dressed every day!

I keep my colours in my purse and if I see something, I first check the colour to see if it is suitable. It has reduced the guessing and steered me away from loving the colour, to seeing if the colour loves me.

I am even using more make-up, but need to come in for a refresher course on that.... Accessories are also an issue, but I am better. I will keep an eye out for one of your sessions, especially as spring is almost upon us.

My new skills have given me a boost of confidence, which is always helpful. Once again, thank you.

Elizabeth Bowden


Thank you so much for your colour consultation


Choosing a wardrobe has now become an enjoyable and fun experience. I can go into a shop and not be bamboozled by choice or find myself buying the safe,conservative item (usually black). I have renewed confidence and enjoy colour, style and most excitingly texture. It is amazing what a difference it has made to my outlook and self-image.

You'll be pleased to hear that I have had many compliments. Thank you again. Alex Madden, Coogee


A big thank you


I absolutely love the make up!  It looks even better in daylight.  I am also very excited about having my colours done and opening my mind to a range of colours I had never even imagined!  I will definitely recommend this to others.  I love it and you have done a wonderful job! 

I look forward to working working with you in future!   Peta


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