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Looking smart is important in my career.


Three or four times a year I would foray into the shops looking to update my wardrobe. How many times did I spend a small mortgage but come away feeling disappointed in my acquisitions, reminded of my poor choices everytime I opened the wardrobe. (And of course, all of it “too good” to throw out!)

How liberating to meet you! I realize I don’t need to be an expert at choosing clothes because YOU are. I really appreciated your approach from assessing my lifestyle needs and preferences through helping me understand the colours that best suit me, to selecting clothes that flatter my figure. And the makeup was fantastic!

I can see that in less time, I can look better and spend less on clothes by using your service in the future. You have a convert!

Kind regards, Camille Abbott


“Okay, I give in; go for it!”


When we last met, I was about to go off and make an important business presentation to a couple of groups. Previously I’d been able to ‘hide’ behind email, phone and Skype and now I had to come out into the open.  All the time you’ve known me, each time we’ve met, you’ve gently encouraged me to come see you and let you help me.

Not being interested in fashion – or clothes really - I have resisted this call over the years and now I don’t know why.

So I rang you and said “Okay Viv, I give in; go for it!” You laughed, you put time aside, you treated me gently and turned this dumpy 56 year old into something swan-like.

You taught me about stockings and shoes and style and fit and hair and makeup and glasses and jewellery.  We had lots of fun, lots of shopping, lots of water (my initial embarrassment kept me very hot!) and I felt I got lots of care and love.

The presentations went well because I knew I looked great.

I felt good about myself and because I was fantastic – all wrapped up in outfits full of your gentle loving care.

You have opened my eyes.

I am now noticing clothes and accessories on people everywhere! But more than that, I’m noticing how good it feels to be comfortable in my skin; to thank my body for serving me so well and to honour my body by looking after it better.

I now enjoy choosing an outfit, applying my makeup and getting out in front of a crowd to do what I do well. Every time someone comments on my ‘look’ I can proudly and loudly recommend Image By Design for the skill, attention to detail and loving kindness provided with every interaction.

Thank you for giving me the confidence.  Cheers, Lex


 I am now a visible person


"Once I applied the principles that Viv showed me, I immediately noticed that my fashion image had transformed. I am now able to select clothes to show my figure at its best - giving me an immense feeling of confidence and ease.

The first outfit I purchased has changed my appearance so dramatically that whenever or wherever it is worn, complete strangers (both men and women) approach me to compliment me on my appearance in it.

I am now a visible person, rather than an invisible, person. Salespeople come up to me (ie, I don't have to find them) - a welcome change.

For me, you have taken the frustration out of shopping - saving me time and money. Thank you for offering such a fantastic service. I am certain that anyone considering your service will not regret their decision and will feel as delighted with the lasting results as my husband and I are."

An impressed client - now looking her best


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