Personal Colour Analysis

People often ask me what 'having your colours done' means. So, I've done a new video to show you what we do during a personal colour analysis consultation.

Part 1: Uncovering Your Colours. Enjoy!

Click here to watch Part 1.

Part 2: Discovering your colour palette

Click here to watch Part 2.

Don't take our word for it

Listen to our model as she describes her personal colour consult experience, having her colours done at Image by Design. Having your colours done can make you look great and feel beautiful - nevermind looking years younger.

To book your personal colour consult

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TIPS: How to tell what shades suit you


  • Your face lights up, as do your eyes
  • Your face, hair, eyes, skin are enhanced by the colour


  • Shadows appear under your chin and neck
  • Wrinkles or marks on your face appear more prominent
  • Your face changes colour and makes you pale, washed out or redder
  • The colour overpowers you so you disappear and the colour dominates
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