Travel Wardrobe

How to look stylish out of a suitcase

This is a challenge for most of us which is why 'How to pack' is one of our most popular workshops. So, we've made a video that covers the basics. 

Watch the video. For more tips read our blog

Packing Service Testimonial

I just wanted to say thanks for all your help yesterday in getting together a gorgeous travel wardrobe. What with the garments I brought in plus the excellent additions you suggested I have ended up with a really exciting collection to take away to Europe.

I have spent hours this morning trying on all the various combinations and permutations - even limiting myself to the rule (which has always worked for me before)of 12 tops and 5 bottoms I can count at least 79 different outfits! They all work so well together and that includes some snazzy choices for special evenings.

Great job. Thanks a million. ~ Robyn

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Our magic formula

  • 5 bottoms - trousers, jeans, skirts, leggings
  • 12 tops - includes cardi's long and short, plain & printed tops - then I add a cardi or 1 or 2 jackets, depending on the weather
  • 2-3 shawls/scarves in your chosen accent colours to add warmth, colour & pizzazz 
  • accessories - necklaces, earrings, evening bag
  • 2 bras & 5 undies - black, white, skin tone
  • 3 pairs of shoes - walkers, small heel black, sandal or ballet pump
  • 2 pairs of socks and a long-line t-top with a print for sleeping in. I once had to leave a hotel quickly when the fire alarm went off!
  • a smaller bag that would do for evening also

Handy tips

  1. First decide what type of weather you are packing for
  2. Lay everything you plan to pack on the bed
  3. Only pack items that will go with at least 3 other things
  4. Choose 3 accent colours
  5. Leave room for holiday purchases

A capsule wardrobe like this including cosmetics, vitamins, cozzies and wraps and the suitcase will usually weigh in at under 22kgs.  Learn more.

Would you like help packing?

Just call 9419 6741 to make an appointment and we'll help you. It's a special free service we offer.

Recently, Vivienne coordinated and packed a travel wardrobe for me in under an hour in the shop.

At the end of our session, I had both a neatly packed suitcase but also photos of possible outfit combinations.

I traveled light and had the right clothes for every situation in which I found myself.

Vivienne took all of the stress out of preparing a capsule, travel wardrobe. Thank you!!!!!  Terri Shine

Packing for a cruise?

We learned first-hand that cruising requires special thought in creating a flexible wardrobe. That's why we have dedicated a blog post to the topic. 

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