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Clothes that bring out ME


“Thank you for that follow up call and all that preceded it – your smile, your attentive listening, your wise clothes choices for my role and my shape, and your sage advice.

I had a wonderful day under your tutelage and I haven’t come down from the clouds yet!!

How uplifting to be wearing clothes that bring out “me” and the compliments I’ve received are aplenty. Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge so graciously. You give richly and from the heart.” Michelle


I love my regular clothing review with you!


Thank you again for this morning!  I love our time together - and thoroughly appreciate the ways in which you help me look my best and make the most of my wardrobe. 

You helped me work out why I wasn't wearing certain items of clothing - two items just needed minor alterations (which you are arranging). 

Then you showed me how to mix and match with pieces I wasn't sure how to wear to create some funky new looks. No wonder I love my half yearly clothing review with you!  Barbara


This wardrobe blitz has extended to the rest of our home


It's amazing how one day that's dedicated to you yourself can so change all aspects of your life!

You'll be pleased to know that my cupboard is so beautifully organised and free of clutter - and so is my son's! St Vinicent de Paul benefitted greatly, and so did we. We have so much more space and room in our cupboards. Everything has a place and the only clothes we now have all fit and match and work together beautifully. I even have an empty shelf!

This wardrobe blitz has now extended to the rest of our home and we have given away a lot of extraneous "stuff" we really didn't need. Our home has become lighter and clearer both literally and figuratively. It's been great.

I have recived so many compliments about my appearance and how much younger I look. And Vivienne, the crushed wrinkled jacket is a real winner and you must have been psychic as it has been the piece of clothing I have worn the most!

You asked me to write to you of my "feelings" about my special day. On the day I guess I felt a combination of surrender, nerves, excitement and relief; and now having had time to think about it the overall word I would now use would be "attractive".

I feel attractive for the first time in years, and years and years. And with that comes a quiet confidence. There is a confidence in knowing that whatever I now wear looks good. Gone is the worry of trying to put it all together or trying to make it work. And that is a relief.

With all my love and hearfelt thanks, Louisa Searcy


Wardrobe workout


"The night before that 'big event' I hardly slept. I felt nervous. "What if she throws out my favourite clothes? What if we disagree?

The next morning Vivienne arrived with a smile and started very professionally taking every single thing out of my wardrobe. She looked closely at some pieces, made me try on a few and discarded others.

After a good 1.5 hours, fashionable pieces were back in my wardrobe - each on their own hanger. Everything was easy to see and find. No more searching for that special blouse hidden under two others.

I took the unwanted clothes straight to the charity bin after we finished - before I weakened.

That day I felt happy - and pounds lighter. It was a good start for me because Viv also showed me how to mix and match things I'd never have thought possible. And I don't miss a single thing I threw out. Everything that went I realised I never wore anyway."


Wonderful opportunity to sort my winter wardrobe


Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to have my winter wardrobe sorted and the basis of a new one started with your help.

I love all my purchases, always do, and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Once again many thanks. Kind regards, Anne Rouch


Your advice is tremendous


You had been gone about one hour and I put my rejects in the boot of the car, with the exception of a couple of pants which will go to a friend whose daughter lives & works in Africa to distribute to the local women.

Since I have stopped working I have been struggling and stuck for the longest time as to what to wear day to day. When I go shopping the women look so 'tired' in those jeans, short T-shirts and runners.

This morning I have my cargo pants & mustard yellow top on in place of my tracky-dack pants....so tired of them. Even feel my friends can come and pick me up for coffee without me having to change & try & decide how to look 'coolly casual'.

As well, funny to say, but I now have permission so that I can wear what I put on in the morning and not save it/change when I come home which is a hang over from working. Much better use for my clothes.

You are putting fun in my wardrobe again. So thank you again. Patsy, September 2010


Twice you have made such a positive impact on my life


Thank you very much for your support and kindness recently.

First thank you

The thought of “getting rid” of the excess clothes in my wardrobe was traumatic especially when they have been hanging in my wardrobe for literally years! It could have been a nightmare but you made it so much fun. Lots of laughs and on the way you explained why the clothes were not suitable now (some had never been ) and what to look for in the future.

Second thank you

Organising my clothes for my trip to Europe was horrendous. With infinite patience you worked through what would be appropriate for me to take, how to mix and match the clothes I had and finally how to pack so I could fit everything in with room to spare.

Thank you again Vivienne for your kindness in sharing your knowledge and skill with one sorely lacking in this department.

I wish you and the team well and look forward to shopping with you in the future.

Roxayne West, August 2010


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