Your Personality

Your dominant clothing personality is a reflection of you -

  • your personality,
  • your lifestyle and
  • your sometimes subconscious preferences in the clothing you repeatedly choose for yourself.

Let us share our dominant clothing personalities with you

Viv is Feminine ...


 ... and Elegant (with a bit of funk)


Carol is Alluring ...
... and Casual  

Sandra is Dramatic ... 


... and Classic


Helen is Casual, Creative ...    ... and Elegant  


Chris is Alluring ...

   ... and Elegant Casual  



The 7 personality styles are based on Greek mythology

  • Casual – Comfort is the most important factor. Jeans, T-shorts and tennis shoes feature highly in this woman's wardrobe.
  • Traditional – Always appropriate.  Formal and white. At least 60% basics in neutral colours.  Think Princess Mary.
  • Elegant – Classic.  Sleek and stylish.  Reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  • Romantic – Soft and feminine. Approachable. Loves pearls.
  • Alluring – Sexy. Seductive. Form fitting with lots of bare skin.
  • Creative - Theatrical. Different. Quirky. Individual. Funky.
  • Dramatic – High fashion. Striking. Black and white.

My style has evolved



I completed the fashion personality 'quiz' when I attended my 1st Image by Design fashion workshop and discovered I was Traditional/Casual. 

Six years later I am more Feminine/Casual.  I have loosened up, dropped the formality and tried new things.  I have relaxed the way I dress - yet I dress with more style and am more comfortable expressing my femininity.  Thank you for your guidance and encouragement.  I love the results - and that fantastic feeling that comes with looking stylish.  Barbara


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