Your Colours

Discover the colours that enhance your natural beauty

  • Do you look best in warm colours or cool colours?
  • Do you look best in strong colours, soft colours or subtle colours?
  • Do you know which colours flatter your complexion - and your figure?

Watch our video to learn more.

Do you want to look 10 years older or 10 years younger?

The difference is simply wearing the right colours for you. It starts with understanding whether your colouring is warm or cool.

Are you a warm colour or a cool colour?

In this video Vivienne demonstrates what colours will make you look amazing. Learn more about 'cool' colouring and 'warm' colouring.


Learn to save time, money and energy by investing in the right colours


Thank you for doing my colours


"I would like to thank you for doing my colours. I had a terrific day and have enjoyed having a bit more knowledge about what to do when I get dressed every day!"

"I keep my colours in my purse and if I see something, I first check the colour to see if it is suitable. It has reduced the guessing and steered me away from loving the colour, to seeing if the colour loves me."

"My new skills have given me a boost of confidence, which is always helpful. Once again, thank you."  Elizabeth Bowden



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 You transformed the way I look and feel


Thank you for your great advice on the colours and designs that suit me and bring out my personality.

Getting dressed for any occasion is no longer an hour of trial and error resulting in a pile of discarded clothes on the floor and nothing on me. 

It is a quick choice of great outfits that all look great on me and leave me feeling fantastic!! And the positive comments I get from my friends and business collegues is a bonus!"  Jackie


Personal colour fans make shopping easier


As one client said, "You showed me how to mix & match things I'd never thought possible."

  • Let us guide you to the colour palette that best suit your personal - and professional image
  • Get your own colour palette fan to use when shopping - with the colours that suit you
  • Learn how to use your colour palette.  Sometimes you need to see complementary colours together on you - it can make all the difference
  • As the mood or event takes you you may want to use more or less of a particular colour.

What are you waiting for?

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