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True confidence is one of the most attractive characteristics in the world, and one of the best ways to achieve it is through your image. 


There’s no doubting it: a polished image is a work of art, and a true self-confidence builder.

A polished image starts with the basics


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  • But just how do you choose your clothes, colours and styles?  
  • How can you polish an outfit with accessories?  
  • Is your hair and make up doing you justice?  

Be stylish ...  not a slave to fashion

If you are you sick of shop assistants saying everything looks great when you know it doesn't, then it's time to call in and see us at Image by Design.

Read what some of our clients say


 Getting dressed is no longer a trial ...


Getting dressed for any occasion is no longer an hour of trial and error resulting in a pile of discarded clothes on the floor and nothing on me...... it is a quick choice of great outfits that all look great and leaves me feeling fantastic ! And the positive comments I get from my friends and business collegues is a bonus!


 I have been out of the corporate arena for 10 years ....


...and yet I had a cupboard full or corporate clothing (black of course) - very little to suit my new home based business. I had a closet full of colours I loved but that did nothing for me.  Vivienne helped me find my personal style and colours while stage directing my new hairstyle.  I look great, feel even better and my wardrobe is stunning, managable and coordinated. I've never looked back.


 Image by Design is amazing


They helped me throughout my cancer treatments with loss of hair, change of hair colour, change of body shape, weight gain and issues associated with mastectomy.  No matter what was happening they kept me looking good and laughing. I recommend Image by Design to anyone experiencing life's challenges.  It's more than a shop.  You are part of a community - if you wish to be.  Thank you all.


 An impressed client - now looking her best


"Once I applied the principles that Viv showed me, I immediately noticed that my fashion image had transformed. I am now able to select clothes to show my figure at its best - giving me an immense feeling of confidence and ease.

The first outfit I purchased has changed my appearance so dramatically that whenever or wherever it is worn, complete strangers (both men and women) approach me to compliment me on my appearance in it.

I am now a visible person, rather than an invisible, person. Salespeople come up to me (ie, I don't have to find them) - a welcome change.

For me, you have taken the frustration out of shopping - saving me time and money. Thank you for offering such a fantastic service. I am certain that anyone considering your service will not regret their decision and will feel as delighted with the lasting results as my husband and I are." An impressed client - now looking her best


When it comes to presenting a good image, taking care of details is very important.

So if you’ve ever had problems with image, you need to see Vivienne at Image by Design. 

Vivienne was the presenter of choice for Application Development Branch on the topic of personal image and dress sense during the DEEWR Career Challenge, which culminated with one of our staff winning a free consultation with Vivienne in August 2008.

Image by Design is also a participant in the Channel Seven Sunrise show's "Reject the Recession" promotion.  If you are a Sunrise family member, present your card to receive 10% off!

You've seen endless makeovers on TV and in magazines for people you don't even know. Now it's your turn.

At Image by Design you are the star.  You are the centre of attention.  We will make you look and feel great.

 Join the fun!

  • Call us to arrange your free one hour personal image update - 02 9419 6741 

  • Join us for a workshop and fashion parade - and enjoy a glass of champagne or juice while we show you how to put it all together.

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